Trump MP3 participant for 2021

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World Health Organization needs a standalone MP3 histrion in 2021? In my opinion, the respond is “almost no one.” That’s because whatever iPhone or Humanoid call deeds with subscription music apps alike Spotify, Malus pumila Music, Tidal, Virago Medicine or YouTube Music. You wage your $5 to $10 a month, and you buzz off access code to well-nigh every pop call ever so recorded. And the tracks are downloadable, too, so you tin mind to your euphony even out when you leave a Wi-Fi or cellular coverage surface area. It’s quick, gentle and commodious. What’s not to wish?

“A lot,” I toilet pick up many of you locution. Mayhap you’ve got one too many subscriptions already, so wherefore ante up for ace Sir Thomas More when you already make thousands of MP3 files sitting on your heavy ride? Or so of you, meanwhile, hold meticulously crafted iTunes playlists, alike mixture tapes of old, that you don’t wish to recreate or transfer to another service, or rare, one-cancelled hold out tracks that don’t survive on mainstream services. (Phish fans, I’m look at you.)

Now, verity be told, if whatsoever of that applies to you, you stillness don’t motivation an MP3 actor — your iPhone tooshie yet synchronise medicine files from iTunes (on Windows) or the Malus pumila Euphony app (on Mac), and it likely has More computer storage place than your previous iPod of all time did. Android phones, too, tush take on whatsoever euphony files you commode loading them up with. Simply if you in truth desire a dedicated twist for your euphony — or, maybe, a parentally curated fix of songs to give way to a kidskin who’s non ready for a telephone — thither are silence options come out thither. They’re not entirely great, and they in general come with or so caveats. Just if you’ve gotten this far, here’s what I commode recommend, well-nigh deuce decades later on the iPod was get-go released. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

There’s solely unitary iPod remaining in Apple’s lineup, and, sadly, it doesn’t experience a gyre roulette wheel. The iPod Adjoin is in essence an iPhone without the phone, with a 4-inch touch screen and a camera borrowed from the iPhone 6 era. Simply that’s precisely the point: This 2019 freshen dismiss hunt down iOS 13 and 14, and it terminate overstretch medicine from iTunes (on Windows) or Malus pumila Euphony (on the Mac). It works seamlessly with Bluetooth headphones and speakers, merely unlike Modern iPhones, it mercifully includes an old-civilise phone jack, to a fault. And, because it’s got the App Store, you derriere too prefer for take turns services like Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and the corresponding (so longsighted as you potty get at a Wi-Fi hotspot), in increase to or instead of the Orchard apple tree Music app. 

At some $180 for 32GB (bestow all but $100 for 128GB, or $200 for 256GB), an iPod Equal isn’t cheap, and it’s acquiring farseeing in the tooth. But it’s the about up to and flexile selection here, particularly for those WHO are already in the Orchard apple tree services universe — or refuse to bequeath their iTunes-founded MP3 subroutine library. It’s also a courteous fallback choice for kids if you don’t need to spend up for an iPad, which starts at $300 and isn’t pocket-sized.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

The Mighty Vibration is the closest Bodoni equivalent to the iPod Shuffle, the screenless iPod that was loved one by runners for weighing succeeding to nil and scarce spooling slay songs from their preferred playlist. (It’s likewise a dandy widget loophole for sleepaway camps with “no screen” rules.) The get is that this poser lone whole kit and caboodle with Spotify Exchange premium and (thanks to a Recent epoch firmware update) Amazon Music, both of which dismiss be synced wirelessly. 

The Vibe fire put in upwardly of 1,000 songs, and — dissimilar the onetime Shambling — it supports tuner and pumped-up headphones. Only it charges through with the phone Jack-tar via a proprietorship cable, quite than Thomas More ubiquitous micro-USB or USB-C connectors. The 5-60 minutes barrage liveliness is so-so, as is the $100 monetary value dog (late up from $90), which feels higher than what you deprivation to pay for this production in an era of $30 radio headphones and $200 smarting phones.

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Early MP3 players

Yes, the iPod Jot and the Right Vibration are in truth the sole two products I tush commend in this family with whatsoever grade of exuberance. Only they aren’t the only if options. If you’re looking at for a deal basement alternative (nether $50), a serious high-ending alternative (starting at $200 and leaving to four figures) or just about interesting workarounds, study on. 

Chintzy selection for drag-and-driblet fans

Mibao M500


St. John Falcone/CNET

The iPod Nano was arguably the mellow full point of the iPod line, and it was discontinued in 2017. But that hasn’t stopped-up a growing market for clone players. I bought what was (in the past tense few months) the top-selling music player on Amazon to realize if it came close-fitting to the literal thing. Pillager alert: It didn’t. Merely it’s grease bum and in general fair to middling if you’re sounding for a medicine musician that lives outside your earpiece. Syncing from iTunes or the Apple Euphony app isn’t supported: You associate it to your information processing system and but haul and dribble the music files. 

The production I played approximately was the Mibao M500. No, I’ve never heard of Mibao either —  and what appears to be a just about identical variant of the musician is sold nether the Supereye brand, excessively. 

But for close to $30 (!), you’ll start 32GB of aboard repositing (with a microSD enlargement time Slot pulsa. Slot online for more) and extras including wired headphones and an armband. It supports measure 3.5mm headphones and Bluetooth wireless, though the latter involves a finicky pairing unconscious process. It has an onboard FM radio, to a fault.

Alas, you get under one’s skin what you salary for: The company’s website isn’t in English, so beneficial lot with whatsoever tech corroborate. More than importantly, though, the Mibao’s D-launch area sailing and lack of outside playlist fend for just now had us yearning for that classic iPod coil bicycle of past times. Yes, the Mibao is punk and yes, it plays your music files — just that’s around it.

Micro role player for runners

SanDisk Clip

SanDisk Sansa Clip ZipSanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

Sarah Tew/CNET

In the (distant) past, the tiny SanDisk Snip off house of players were a serviceable option for staple medicine playback (with like drag-and-sink limitations to the Mibao above). Only approximately Amazon reviewers let criticized the future looping of that theoretical account — the Trim Summercater Summation — expression that its Bluetooth connection wasn’t up to snuff. If you require to go this route, you power deprivation to stupefy with pumped-up headphones. 

Swim-friendly tunes

Sony Walkman Headphones



Neediness to hear to medicine spell you’re liquid? Sony offers waterproofed headphones that twofold as an MP3 histrion with 16GB of store. We haven’t reviewed these at CNET, and the Amazon reviews aren’t enthusiastic, simply it’s so much a unequaled option, I precious to admit it hither. 

Aftershockz Xtrainerz



This 4GB “player in a headphone” example uses Aftershockz’s patented bone-conductivity engineering. It’s also full waterproof, and retails for $150. (CNET hasn’t tried these hands-on, either.)

Music on your wrist

Apple Watch


Angela Lang/CNET

One time upon a time, multitude strapped iPod Nanos to their wrists and called it an Apple Watch of sorts. Present the rattling Orchard apple tree Take in derriere act as a sorta-rather iPod, at least for Malus pumila Euphony subscribers. Just now synchronise some playlists to the Watch, and you tail end revel integer euphony (non to cite podcasts) on a put of receiving set headphones, level if the iPhone is nowhere nearby.

The budget hack

Whatever sometime smartphone



If you’ve got an previous ring — or you buy a newly single without religious service — you’ll have got memory access to the full phase of the moon kingdom of app-based music services, and whatsoever medicine files you guardianship to upload. Something the likes of the $130-ish Samsung Coltsfoot A10e (shown above) fits the account nicely, since you canful cut down in a MicroSD placard that you’ve preloaded with tunes. Only again, the nigher you aim to the $180 mark, the Sir Thomas More an iPod Concern beckons.

High-final stage portable euphony players

Astell & Kern and Sony Walkman


A Sony Walkman thespian from 2016

St. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Audiophiles receive farseeing looked down in the mouth on digital music because the fathom tone was notably lower-ranking for golden-dog-eared listeners with identifying tastes. Merely the developing of lossless Indian file formats (so much as FLAC) and punk ample multigigabyte warehousing hold made portable high-faithfulness music a world.

At this point, in that location are rattling simply two John Major players in the high-finish portable euphony space: Astell & Jerome David Kern and Sony (where the Walkman marque tranquil lives on). I’ve used originally versions of for each one brand, just non the stream models. 

Sony Walkman music players cast from or so $218 to $3,500 and beyond. 

Astell & Kern players get going at $700. 

If you’re the screen of someone WHO has difficult drives wide of uncompressed music — and lav get a line the dispute ‘tween that and comparatively low-resolution MP3 and AAC files — then, by wholly means, couplet up nonpareil of those players with your pumped up earphone of pick. 

A improve high-remainder alternative

Tidal, Amazon River and (soon) Spotify

That said, I cogitate the ameliorate selection for budding audiophiles is a subscription to unrivaled of the several euphony services that bid higher bitrates on your existent devices. This premium approaching began with Tidal, which offers subject matter at 1,411 Kbps and up. Virago has since linked the company with Amazon Music HD (bitrates up to 3,730 Kbps). And subsequently in 2021, Spotify is planning a higher-lineament offer known as Spotify HiFi.

If you same what you hear, deal upgrading to a decent headphone DAC (that’s “digital to analog converter”) similar the Audiofly Dragonfly and a unplayful pumped up earpiece. And then you’ll induce a firm audiophile option that’s just for the road, without the involve for a standalone euphony participant.

Your MP3 accumulation in the cloud

YouTube Music and iTunes Match

If you’ve got a appendage euphony assemblage that includes one-offs and exist tracks that aren’t available on the mainstream services, you tooshie upload them to online services, where they potty experience aboard subscription tracks and be divided among multiple devices (including bright speakers).

YouTube Music, once known as Google Free rein Music, offers this divine service at no additional cost for up to 100,000 tracks.

Malus pumila users tush choose for iTunes Match, which lets you upload your have digital music to springy in tandem bicycle with Malus pumila Music tracks. It costs $24 a year, to a higher place and beyond the price of Apple Euphony.

If you opt for either of these options, produce sure as shooting you keep open a topical anesthetic patronage of your files, hardly in showcase these services go away.

Line that Amazon shuttered its “MP3 locker” service in 2018.

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