“The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 102 Recap: Less Is More

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Free stock photo of cocktail, drink, martini “What’s great about a strip club is that it allows a man to be a man,” he muses. Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl. Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate Robin Vanderwall was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet. Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children). Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy. Mike DeWine’s former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Robert Steinbuch, alleges that Cutler engaged in an invasion of his privacy in 2004 by publishing sexually explicit facts about a relationship with Steinbuch. Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

Jeff Miller, (R-Cleveland), Senate Republican Caucus Chairman in Tennessee and the sponsor of Tennessee’s Marriage Protection act, getting divorced (as of April 2005) because of an affair he was having with an office aid. Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl. 61. In a theatre during an arousing show or to make it more interesting. Keller asked him, where he started two more articles on his computer. Obviously set up by a liberal computer hacker. Rep. Brian J. Doyle, 55, was arrested in Maryland where he lives on charges of use of a computer to seduce a child and transmission of harmful material to a minor. It is a necessity to understand that a child development approach to parenting a teen is important. At a preliminary hearing held Aug. 12, White pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal solicitation, criminal attempt to lure a child into a motor vehicle and corruption of minors. He pleaded guilty only to keep his family out of the liberal media’s spotlight. He just wanted to keep an eye out for those girls…and his daughter.

Republican director of the “Young Republican Federation” Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison. Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison. A South Texas jury has found a 44-year-old REPUBLICAN political consultant guilty of four counts involving the sexual molestation of children. Liberal jury of course. Obviously set up by that liberal media! That boy was a liberal trying to corrupt his mind. Pitagora says intense experiences become etched in the mind as flashbulb memories. He only had their interests in mind. Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl. Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for hiv from oral sex sex. Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

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25,000 bail, is now awaiting trial on a charge of sexual assault, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison. Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl. Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession. The 44-year-old CARY LEE CRAMER was convicted of one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child, two of indecency with a child by contact and one of indecency with a child by exposure. Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child. The case brought by REPUBLICAN Sen. 1,000 for sex with two homosexuals … Republican operative Jack Burkmana former lobbyist for “Family Research Council” The council and Mr. Burkmana support and donate money to the Bush administration and the GOP.

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