The Fourth Wave Of Bitcoin – You Don’t Want To Miss

“Bitcoin is the best investment of the last decade according to CNN,” we’ve read it everywhere. There are many investment strategies to choose from when you want to invest in crypto, it all depends on the parameters that are important to the investor (level of risk, size of investment, time, profit, etc.).

One of the strategies that is considered safe and stable is the DCA (Dollar Cost Average).

Let’s explain. Someone is interested in investing $ 1000 in Bitcoin. Of course he can go to a bitcoin changer and make a one-time purchase for the entire amount, but in this strategy he can spread out the original investment amount and buy bitcoin for ten weeks, each time for $ 100.

Another option is to allocate a certain percentage to the purchase of Bitcoin from the income, for example 5% of the monthly salary on an annual basis. In this way, the investor purchases the currency regularly, both when the exchange rate is higher and when the exchange rate is lower, thus maintaining relative stability and an average purchase price.

DCA is a strategy relevant to Bitcoin, Etherium and other currencies. However, this is not a tactic that will make you rich overnight and a little patience is required here. Digital currencies are known to be volatile when it comes to their price and this is where the advantage of the method comes into play. When it comes to crypto, it may be a significant tool for regulating the effect of short-term volatility, as historical performance shows the gains that can be realized over time.

In addition, the method is also effective in dealing with the “pomo” phenomenon that has become a familiar phenomenon in the crypto world. Everyone wants to buy coins “at the right time,” but no one really knows when. Purchasing at regular intervals reduces the stress of making the investment “at the right time”, for the simple reason that the investment is made on a regular basis. In this way we neutralize the preoccupation with any decrease or increase in the price of the currency and prevent unnecessary panic.

The method is based on non-large investments, which can be very suitable for those who do not feel comfortable investing a large amount at once, so it is also very convenient for beginners in the field. btcrobots offers a new service for just this purpose – a standing order that allows you to accumulate bitcoin and etherium coins in a fixed amount every month, just as you set aside for savings. The program removes the burden from you of tinkering with creating a new order every time, and all this at a discounted fee as well.

How do I join the Permanent Teaching Program?

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3. This is it! Ready to get started?

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