The 50 Best Podcasts Of 2020 – The Atlantic

Couple Locks Eyes Under Lights The manager pretty much told us that his hands were tied and that if we want to break the lease or move to another unit we would have to pay the fees affiliated. We emailed management again about this encounter and told them they were unapologetic and seemed willing to retaliate anytime we would call security, only for the manager to tell us once again how sorry he was with no real follow-up. They’re convinced they’re going to die – but police call their actions remarkable. The masked stranger disappears before the police can find him, and the terrified homeowners fear they’re in danger. But while 37 percent of people support the use of facial-recognition tech for law enforcement purposes, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted to ban police and city agencies from using it. Using the guns they keep in the store for emergency protection, the women find themselves in a desperate battle to save themselves, and each other.

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