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Living With Lady Philosophy: June 2020

Being a Southerner raised by atheists, I’m not a fan of people who’ve found The truth and really feel morally obliged to inform me how improper I am. It helped that pre-Conversion 1.0 I was already dressing relatively tzniusly, largely

Best Halloween Face Paint & Makeup 2020

Perilla leaves don’t keep for very lengthy in the refrigerator, so to preserve them as best you possibly can, wrap them in a paper towel and then put them in a plastic bag earlier than refrigerating. Mint leaves paste or

Ophthalmology Management – The Everyday Cost Of Eyelash Makeup

When the tea baggage are cooled, place them over your eyes and allow them to sit for 10 minutes or so. Upturned eyes have a slight carry on the outer corners of the eyes. Thus, you have got to apply