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Date A Live: Generations (Shido x Tohka) - Nagisa Shiota ... Chef Gordon Ramsay and actor Jesse Eisenberg became the first celebrities on the leaderboard after racing a Mini Cooper around the track. The pair also braved the cold British weather as they raced from London to Blackpool in roofless Reliant Rialtos, and welcomed celebrity guests Gordon Ramsay and Jesse Eisenberg who took part in the new Star In A Rallycross Car part of the show. The pair also raced from London to Blackpool in roofless Reliant Rialtos. Evans visited a US Naval Base where he raced a Dodge Viper ACR against a Corvette Z06, and LeBlanc was seen trying out an Ariel Nomad in the Moroccan desert. During the first episode, Evans, 50, visited a US Naval Base – better known as the home of Top Gun – where he raced a Dodge Viper ACR against a Corvette Z06. During the first episode, Evans, 50, visited a US Naval Base – better known as the home of Top Gun – where he raced a Dodge Viper ACR against a Corvette Z06 driven by German driver Sabine Schmitz.

I felt positive, the worst was over and things could only get better. Fans also felt that he had tried – unsuccessfully – to imitate former frontman Jeremy Clarkson. Although arguably awkward in the studio, LeBlanc – the first non-British host in the programme’s 39-year history – was far more comfortable out on the road and fans seemed to like his style. Viewers were quick to criticise the motoring show on social media, with many of the comments referring to Evans’ “shouty” and “too excitable” hosting style. Presenter Chris Evans was nicknamed ‘Mr Shouty’ and a ‘poor man’s Clarkson’ as fans criticised his ‘no banter’ presenting style while former Friends star Matt LeBlanc was called ‘Mr Wooden’. Tweeter Ben Pearson said the new version was ‘exactly the same without the banter or naked cam girl charisma’. Chris Evans had said his version of the show would be ‘less blokey’ – and one supporter said: ‘It’s like the old Top Gear, but less awful and without the unsubtle xenophobia’.

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Guarantee you give you sweetheart a best discharge at any rate twice before you get down to the real factor. Now currently running the Telegram leaks since Shadowwoof stepped down. One said: ‘@JeremyClarkson it is safe to say that @DannyCohen has now made top gear into flop gear! Chris Evans today denied the new series of Top Gear is a flop even though it lost up to a million loyal viewers and critics called the debut ‘disastrous’. The popular trio will be back with a new Amazon Prime motoring show called The Grand Tour, which will make its debut on the streaming service in the autumn. Yesterday Mr Evans prepared himself for the show’s debut by reading the papers over a quiet pint in a Surrey pub near his mansion – his rival Jeremy Clarkson was in Monaco for the grand prix and looked tanned and tired as he returned to London late last night.

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