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Many people are looking for ways to simplify their lives. Every task we have to complete is being optimized. The pressure of our daily lives increases when we study. Students often feel anxious, stressed, and depressed from the lack of time they have to complete their tasks. Some smart students are aware that there are ways to reduce pressure, save time, and live a stress-free lifestyle. This is possible by ordering tasks online from trusted academic writers.

You are likely considering to be your academic writing partner. We noticed that the team had a controversial reputation at the beginning of our review process. Although there are many negative reviews online, there are also some positive and neutral ones.

General Overview

The company’s website looks professional when you first visit it. Their website is professional and contains great content. Why can’t we trust this company? This team is completely faceless, and that is the obvious answer. 15 writers don’t have a team page that includes real photos of their team members and their CEO. They are instead sharing stock photos and faking proficiency descriptions. When they tell their story, it looks even more suspicious. There are only 15 professionals on the team, so why not share their photos?

This company offers a wide range of services. According to their website, 15writers can provide almost any type of paper that a student in the UK might require. It is impossible for them to have more than 15 writers. This team does not have the necessary qualifications to handle many orders. Their promise to deliver work of any complexity in a timely manner sounds fake.

We tried to find out more about the team to review 15writers, but they weren’t available. They don’t work 24/7 and were not online when we attempted to reach them. We tried to contact them by email but they did not respond.

Pricing and Discounts

No matter where you are from, all students around the globe have one thing in common: many tasks and empty pockets. While many students earn a part-time income, it is not enough for them to buy expensive papers. Most people consider the cost and discounts offered by an academic writing company when looking for one.

It was difficult to compare the team to other writers to give you the best 15 writers reviews. These guys don’t have a separate page that lists prices. On their homepage, they offer a pricing calculator. We found that academic writing companies charge 15 pounds per page on average for an essay paper. So we looked into the cost of a similar paper. 

We ordered a three-page essay paper at undergraduate level. The deadline was 10 days. The Standard 2:2 quality paper came at a price of 141 pounds. This is the highest price that we have ever seen. This paper is available at a reliable company for less than 70 Pounds.

How about discounts? They don’t have any. It is not possible to get a coupon or similar. They do offer a bonus program but it is not clear how to use them and what their limitations are. There were many 15writers reviews that claimed prices.

Quality and Deadlines

You expect your order to arrive on time and in the highest quality. If you order a 141-pound essay online, you can expect it to arrive in your mailbox at the latest by the due date. It is not all about them. We found many claims regarding late papers when we checked their reputation. Students are also claiming poor paper quality and a lot of revisions that aren’t free.

We had high hopes for  our 15writers review. However, every step we took through this service and its reputation left us disappointed. We will reveal more information about this writing company.

Final Verdict

We wanted to give a chance when we wrote the review. To make their online presence professional, they invested a lot in time and money. It didn’t seem to have helped. We cannot guarantee that this company will be able to handle all your tasks with a team of fifteen writers. Updated source :



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