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Therefore, in various embodiments, the oligomer of the invention comprises both a polynucleotide region which typically consists of a contiguous sequence of nucleotides, and a further non-nucleotide region. The practice of the present invention will employ, unless otherwise indicated, conventional techniques of cell biology, cell culture, molecular biology, transgenic biology, microbiology, recombinant DNA, and immunology, which are within the skill of the art. The effect of small molecules on calcium oscillations will be measured using substantially the same method provided in Example 2. To measure primary cortical neuron spontaneous calcium oscillation, rat primary cortical neurons will be prepared. To measure primary cortical neuron spontaneous calcium oscillation, rat primary cortical neurons were prepared from Sprague-Dawley rat embryos (E19). Tau antisense oligonucleotide impact on spontaneous calcium oscillations in primary neurons is summarized in FIG. 4. See Murphy et al., J. Neurosci. Effect of oligomers on primary neuronal spontaneous calcium oscillations was measured under two conditions, in the presence and absence of 1 mM MgCl2 as described previously (Murphy et. As discussed in Example 2, the effect of small molecules on primary neuronal spontaneous calcium oscillations will be measured under two conditions, in the presence and absence of 1 mM MgCl2 as described previously (Murphy et.

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International Publication No. WO2007/031091 (A2), published Mar. 22, 2007, further provides suitable pharmaceutically acceptable diluent, carrier and adjuvants. The formulated drug may comprise pharmaceutically acceptable binding agents and adjuvants. You may think the boy is cruel to the tree but that is how some of us treat our parents. I think you definitely need to try this game: it’s very addictive and characters are like a walking wet dream! They say they found scratch marks on the back of doors and that the carpet was covered in disgusting dirt stains and filth, and think closets may have been used as rooms to lock up the children. Likewise coatings of sugar or enteric agents may be part of the dosage unit. For capsules the dosage unit may contain a liquid carrier like fatty oils. Conventional pharmaceutical carriers, aqueous, powder or oily bases, thickeners and the like may be necessary or desirable.

These compositions may be generated from a variety of components that include, but are not limited to, preformed liquids, self-emulsifying solids and self-emulsifying semisolids. The therapeutic molecules of the invention can be used in pharmaceutical formulations and compositions. The therapeutic molecule formulations can also be emulsions of the active pharmaceutical ingredients and a lipid forming a micellular emulsion. The therapeutic molecules can be prepared with carriers that protect against degradation or immediate elimination from the body, including implants or microcapsules with controlled release properties. In general the formulations are prepared by uniformly and intimately bringing into association the active ingredients with liquid carriers or finely divided solid carriers or both, and then, if necessary, shaping the product. For intravenous administration the carriers can be physiological saline or phosphate buffered saline. Pharmaceutical compositions and formulations for topical administration can include transdermal patches, ointments, lotions, creams, gels, drops, sprays, suppositories, liquids and powders.

Compositions and formulations for oral administration include but are not limited to powders or granules, microparticulates, nanoparticulates, suspensions or solutions in water or non-aqueous media, capsules, gel capsules, sachets, tablets or minitablets. Such moieties include, but are not limited to, antibodies, polypeptides, lipid moieties such as a cholesterol moiety, cholic acid, a thioether. In certain embodiments the conjugated moiety is a sterol, such as cholesterol. The invention also provides for a conjugate comprising the oligomer according to the invention as herein described, and at least one non-nucleotide or non-polynucleotide moiety covalently attached to said oligomer. Conjugation (to a conjugate moiety) can enhance the activity, cellular distribution or cellular uptake of the oligomer of the invention. Examples of topical formulations include those in which the oligomer of the invention are in admixture with a topical delivery agent such as lipids, liposomes, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, steroids, chelating agents and surfactants.

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