My Father, The Transsexual

to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: and sex, and it istherefore If you are a TI then I suggest being very careful about what attention you attract. Let me explain. When you are given the responsibility of becoming a pilot of a multi-million dollar piece of hardware, there comes with that responsibility the expectation that you have the brains and coordination skills to not only understand what such a machine is doing (and “why”), but the ability to gauge a developing situation around your aircraft/spacecraft and act accordingly– whether it is a simple matter of landing your vehicle or positioning it in three-space to mount a defense against an opposing force. I was hoping to publish it a couple of years ago but despite all my efforts I have been prevented from doing so. We see women who have their benefits cut who start doing camming directly as a result. The website has gathered a really great number of people who love sex with sister, love fun, and love chatting with interesting people all over the world.

Great article as always Daniel, superb information, well written and enticing. I’ve read every transcript at sphere being alliance / cosmic disclosure and I didn’t get that corey goode is out for self-grandisement, is particularly well remuneration, or is denying anybody ‘s story/testimony. I was also very skeptical of Corey Goode and still question if he is being mind controlled and supporting an alternative agenda, but I have to say since I have seen videos and images of these giant spheres positioned throughout our solar system and siphoning plasma directly from our sun, I feel we need to listen to the Solar Flash/Ascension Event information for many reasons. Nice job here! These details are excellent and the embedded videos very helpful. These people have been at the forefront of the SSP research and whistleblowing, decades before Corey Goode came on the scene, they have published books, articles and videos sharing their stories with the world. It may surprise you to learn that while I am certain that such a space program exists, I am not convinced that Corey Goode or some of those other folks were a part of it.

Mujer Subiendo Escaleras - YouTube Along with Bob Lazar, diffgirls chaturbate I was among the first to blow the whistle on the Secret Space Program, starting around 1989. I was interviewed a while ago for the programming on Gaia TV, although I have not seen where (or how) my story and illustrations were used. So while his show has helped make the SSP a not so secret subject of conspiracy theorists and brought out in the open crimes against humanity that are barely recognized by the public, the old saying that Knowledge is Power still applies. Once knowledge is obtained it cannot be undone and helps to lift the veil of deception one person at a time. The previous doctor had only spent three minutes talking to me, so it was nice to actually find one who would take the time to answer my questions. None of these individuals have described their chain of command structure, their living accommodations, the kinds of provisions made for fighting interplanetary wars and a host of other incidental information that would be second nature for someone who supposedly was involved in this kind of activity and the description of which would roll off the tongue as easy as “good morning.” There is no “there” there.

Fpherj48, I have no trouble accepting this information as valid, mostly because I have researched it for years but I do think you and other peoples comments on various sites this has been posted on, show that perhaps more education should be provided in terms of the history of the SSP. When you take this information and couple it with the idea that their exist within the Secret Space Program a group or alliance fighting for the rights of humanity and then recognize that Corey Goode has achieved a huge following of very loyal and passionate followers and almost celebrity status, despite little or no evidence to back up his claims, it may make even the die hard fan stop and wonder why. When you consider how almost every single whistleblower mentioned above has been attacked, publicly disparaged, gone into hiding, imprisoned and even killed, it really makes you wonder how Corey Goode has achieved, not only his own TV Show, financial independence and massive following but his freedom. Corey is now publishing a comic book, movie script, book and live streaming porn video games based on his narrative. It was is in connection to another whistleblower, John T Vasquez (also now deceased) and author of his disclosing book titled, “Incident at Fort Benning”, along with CSM James Norton (witness who is deceased) along with John’s ex-wife (deceased) who had no signs of a struggle when her body was discovered.

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