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hey guys just wanted to show you the

project I’m working on today I’ll be

making a cooler wooden puzzle yeah I’ve

been meaning to do this now for a while

the things you’re going to need this bit

of plywood 3/4 inch MDF yeah this is

quite simple project all we need to do

is make a frame for this cut out the

pieces to go in there and then obviously

we bake them some primary colors

okay so I got my design all drawn out as

you can see I had it all drawn out

beforehand before it started a trace

they were the original board I had

already cut out from my off cuts I’ve

given it a 3/4 inch frame cuz the MDF

I’m using this three quarter inch so

that’s going to square that frame off

just need to cut this out now okay so I

got what the parts cut out and sanded as

you can see it’s the next stage is to

sort the frame now basically you want to

get these on glue them on and then plant

them so I’ll get that glued and clamped

and then we can work on the actual

puzzle pieces we can get those painted


okay so I left that overnight to joy so

now we could take our clamps off for


and the next stage for the frame is just

sand it down and I just want to put a

nice little curve around each corner

also of all the puzzle pieces are all

nicely painted but I do want to make it

more of a rustic feel to it you know a

well-played well-loved puzzle so I will

be sanding these down

well cool there it is guys one awesome

little rustic Jigsaw puzzle kids bulk buy (amzdeals.eleoem.com) all mate ready to

go entertain your kids you could

customize it further if you like you

could paint the actual frame and send

that down again you could put your own

little logo on it you probably put these

on eBay and sell them other so you make

those guys and thanks for watching if

you liked it a thumbs up would be


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