Hump Day High: What Are The Hottest New Sex Toys Of The Summer?

Move. Take control. Do things to your partner. ‘If you’re someone who’s unable to see your regular partner during lockdown, you could keep the flame burning by masturbating together over Zoom, or just watching/listening to each other do it,’ says Chris, a sex blogger. Indeed, it’s possible that a regular and problem-free sex life can lead to better mental (and possibly physical) health. There are quite a few toys out there today that can be worn on the body and controlled via an app on your partner’s phone. I jumped out of the shower, called my sister, and asked what the hell to do because it burned so badly. On Thursday, when News4Jax called the number listed for the spa on Facebook, it rang once and then went to voicemail. Deputies said he works for GTO Health and Wellness Spa. A separate court order suppressing spa videos recorded by Martin County sheriff’s investigators, which the state appealed to a panel of 19th Judicial Circuit judges, is on hold pending action by the 4th DCA.

Shuangyan Yang, 49, pleaded guilty in State District Court in Duluth to one felony count of racketeering, while her husband, Matthew Shykes, 59, pleaded guilty to one felony count of failing to pay taxes. Yang and Shykes each faced an additional felony count of engaging in the sex trafficking of an individual. Neither of us thinks the other’s approach is wrong or right, and we realize that results can be good or bad depending on the individual situation. What is true is that if you look hard enough, you can often find some living cells in a woman’s body that contain male DNA, meaning a Y chromosome. If you have single lid eyes, try out criss-cross false eyelashes to make your eyes look full yet natural looking. But we were doing it so much that we ran into something that they never talk about in the movies when they show people having an affair: We were running out of money for hotels. And despite what many people think, they’re not actually designed to make you orgasm (although some people do orgasm, obvs).

Of course, an orgasm may happen spontaneously, but a genuine yoni massage doesn’t intend to ‘satisfy’ you right now, but to help you become more satisfied with your sex life in the long run. Massage establishments do not have a legal obligation to report sexual assault claims made on their premises. There is no state or federal level that requires state licensing boards to suspend or rescind a massage therapist’s license after sexual assault allegations. Investigators said they began investigating White on Jan. 13. During an interview with the victim, according to the Sheriff’s Office, she told investigators that White touched her inappropriately while she was receiving a massage from him. 5. But given the fact that Blueface told 92.3 that the fivesome he had was “pretty hard,” this seems unlikely-a difficult, taxing sexual maneuver he’d be reluctant to repeat. Juan also recalled that Maxwell loved to take live Nude video chat photographs of girls, which she stored in a big album on her desk. But as it stands now, police departments cannot force someone to take a video down.

They were charged in March after an 18-month investigation by the Duluth Police Department’s sex crimes unit and other agencies. Why nobody wants to talk about the realities of “sex” is beyond me. You are still at risk for STDs, no matter who you’re having sex with. David Boies, who represents five other women, including Miss Roberts, previously said he will not let ‘certain individuals’ escape liability, naming Andrew in court papers as one example. Hanser’s order mimics video suppression rulings issued by three other judges in Palm Beach and Indian River counties, which the state is seeking to overturn in appeals filed to the 4th District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach. Initial briefs have been filed and it’s up to the district court to grant the oral arguments both sides have requested. The secret of a brilliant oral sex? What about the lucky sods who might have had a secret lover on the side to spice up a dreary relationship?

Shout-out to Chloe Metzger, our deputy beauty editor, who Instagram Storied about The Sims sale a few weeks ago and inspired me to re-download it. Just google “Sims 4 custom content” and download a billion hairstyles and more modern clothes (ILY, EA, but you’ve got some work to do on Sims wardrobes), all for free. “The sole purpose of a sexual massage is to climax,” she says. “But yoni massage is so much more than just carnal stimulation. Aimee, 38, booked a yoni massage after experiencing a lack of sensation during sex. But with such supposedly incredible benefits, it’s no wonder yoni massages are becoming more popular. Eventually the lifestyle retailer, owned by Gwyneth Paltrow, was slapped with a lawsuit and a £112,000 fine for ‘misleading advertising.’ So, are yoni massages just as ridiculous? Now for the PSA: yoni massage is not a regulated practice. Yang also admitted that she and Shykes took money from their employees, some of whom were living at the couple’s Hermantown townhouse, in exchange for allowing the employees to use the massage parlor for sexual service.

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