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Dama sexi pin up There’s — our marketing is better driving traffic into the store. Can you help me understand better what factors helped to drive that, the much improved gross margin you saw in the Q3? So we’ve got the better — which kind of will answer both of your questions, so we’ve got some better product out there that is differentiated in the marketplace. And the third big item that we have in there is the occupancy leverage that we’ve got, and that’s really going to be driven by how our comp sales unfold for the quarter. I think it’s going to — as Lee said, it’s going to be up — yeah, it’s going to be up a little bit toward the first half of next year, although much at a much lower rate. Okay. Lee for you, just on the — I know earlier made a comment that you anticipated to continue to make investments in the business, e-commerce last year, fulfillment this year.

And we have bit of a catch up from the first two quarters of the year that we had to book in Q3 based upon how the look — it appears the full year is coming out. Two are on the merchandise margin side, one being mix, a favorable mix. It’s driven by — the margin rate is driven by being in-stock on those key products, those strike points that we’ve talked about, and it’s not from postponing markdowns, if you will. One very interesting is this notion of improved service standards and veteran stocks combined to help conversion and that being a virtuous cycle of improvement. How much room for further improvement and service standards and is there a way to itemize the kind of the benefits between service levels and the inventory investments? Just one more question on the inventory. Next question is from Chris Svezia with Wedbush. The next question is from Jim Duffy with Stifel. Hey. Good morning. Thanks for taking my question.

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