Guide to Knowing Your Tea and its Benefits

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It seems to bring us kindness and a cure of any ailment we may have.

Whether it may be in a group or alone sipping on tea brings us back to the very root of who we are and what we need at the moment. In a way it is our move to a time of peace.

With every sip you allow yourself to participate in its soothing effects. The drink will bring you a calmer and more centered sensation. The aroma and heat that flows through your body, delivering what Buddhism calls “a time of bliss.”

The ritual in preparing tea creates an occasion of slowing down permitting you the time for you; the time of reflection and recuperation. With an array of flavors and benefits you are easily able to pick one of which is suited to your very need.Most tea leaves are obtained from the Camellia Sinesis tea shrub and then each group is based on the fermentation process allowing classification amongst the teas. There are three basic categorization for teas; Green, White, and PTS TERBAIK ASEAN Black. These three have very different tastes and health promotions for their drinkers.

Green tea undergoes a minimal oxidation process, and while originating from China more than 4000 years ago it has spread around the world; not only using it for beverage purposes but also as a method within the traditional Chinese medicine field.

It contains polyphenols, chemical substances found in plants, which are considered to improve overall health. It is said to have an abundant amount of health benefits including improving brain function, preventing fatigue, aiding in the process of losing weight, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The one that contains the most anti-oxidants due to the least amount of processing is White tea. It should not be mistaken as an “easy” tea due to its delicate flavor. It has the highest levels of antioxidants, with this truth it is by far the most powerful of teas in cancer prevention. A study performed at Pace University showed an 80% kill of viruses within ten minutes of drinking it; as well as aiding in the inhibition of cell mutation in the early stages of cancer.

Conveniently named the Black tea due to its darker tone has many health benefits to spread out.

It may not be everyone’s favorite cup of tea for it has a more strong and traditional taste; its leaves are left out in the air and turn black from the oxidation process. Through much research however it is found that it significantly reduces heart attacks, strokes or death from cardiovascular disease.

It provides resistance against infections and tumors, improving blood vessel functioning and lowering blood pressure.

I am not sure about you but with all this information on health benefits tea seems the way to go.Chock full of lovely goodies with every sip; it is time for tea!

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