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Premature ejaculation problem was considered as a psychological disorder. In few men ejaculation happens as soon as they start foreplay with their partner. In many cases men loses their control as they start intercourse or initially as they insert their penis, maximum cases they ejaculate very quickly in few seconds of penetration. 1. Semen’s technique is to learn how to control sensation and anxiety exactly before ejaculation. 2. Masters and Johnson’s (is one of the famous sex researchers) this technique includes squeezing the end of your penis just before the sperms is going to ejaculate. Hello readers, today we are going to discuss about the best sex positions which can add some spice in your relationship. So let’s discuss another topic today. Premature ejaculation is a sexual health problem which majorly seen and affecting men. But over the last little while I’ve seen myself spending more and more time with virtual reality porn and I’ve really enjoyed immersing myself in it.


I asked him about so-called ‘feminist’ porn. The problem of premature ejaculation or early sperm discharge causes depression and creates fear for sex in men. This sex problem occurs due to lack of self-control over ejaculation or early discharge during intercourse, it generally happens very early than a man or his female partner wants, that causes distress, frustration for both partners and resulting unhappy ending. Causes of premature ejaculation or early discharge. Premature ejaculation treatments will depend on the causes and if it’s a lifelong or chatturb inherited problem in a man. I hope my last article on impotence and its causes may have helped you to know the problem and its treatment. The bottom line is, we hope that you will enjoy your stay. The butterfly position: – The position will make a woman look incredibly sexy because a male can see every inch of her body. As this posture allows the woman to be in control it is said to be the most satisfying of all.

If anyone practice this regularly on daily basis than you can learn to control when you reach your point of no return. To conclude, the most important point to note is, sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe, unless otherwise advised. Some people don’t find sex exciting due to low libido/ low sex desire and some other sexual problems. Go ahead and find the performer you like, and masturbate together. Some couples find sex boring and this happens more with those couples who are in a relationship for a long time. Her knees are bent with her feet on the edge of the bed. The man can either kneel or bend near the edge facing the woman. The woman lies on her back with her waist and bottom at the edge of the bed. Don’t be Shy – Let These Sluts Get To Work – They know you’ll be back for More Dirty Phone Sex!

The man sits on the chair with the woman on his lap, her back towards him. In this female version of the missionary position, the woman is on top. Missionary sex position: – It is taken as a default sex position by the couples. The cowgirl position: – The position gives him a sexy view of a woman’s body. Your body will feel the warmth of their breasts and stomachs as you can imagine how pleasant it is to touch their big limbs. This position ensures full body contact yet inhibits deep penetration. If you want a deeper penetration then you must try it. The Pretzel: – If you want to connect with your partner mentally then the pretzel position can be the great position to get intimate. Being intimate with your partner should be romantic; you should not take it as a responsibility. Too much anxiety and responsibility will lead to a lot of sexual problems. Sex is about love and intimacy, so add some spice in your relationship and learn some romantic sex positions which will help you to drive each other crazy.

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