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Womanizer LIBERTY Others, such as Cynthia Bland, founder and CEO of Ottawa-based Voicefound, an organization that works to prevent commercial sexual exploitation, applauded the shutdown. AnnaLise Trudell, manager of education at Anova, a women’s shelter and sexual assault centre, works with women involved in sex work in the London, Ont. Bolstered by horror stories of young girls saying they were sold for sex on the site, Senate lawmakers contended Backpage supports a flourishing market for sex-trafficking advertisements. “This site was profiting from mainly exploited females, and most of the underage girls in Toronto that we have dealt with were advertised there,” said Detective Sergeant Nunzio Tramontozzi, head of the Toronto Police Service’s sex crimes and human trafficking enforcement team. US District Judge Rosemary Collyer sided (PDF) with the government on August 5, ruling that Backpage had “no legal or factual support” for its position that the site was protected by the First Amendment. What’s more, a federal judge invoked the First Amendment and crucified an Illinois sheriff-who labeled Backpage a “sex trafficking industry profiteer”-because the sheriff coerced Visa and Mastercard to refrain from processing payments to the site.

Obviously Katy had to ham it up,’ Luke cracked as his fellow judge vamped it up. After the unanimous vote and because of the site’s resistance, the Senate asked a judge (PDF) to demand that Backpage comply. The judge said Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart’s anti-Backpage lobbying amounted to “an informal extralegal prior restraint of speech” because Dart’s actions were threatening the site’s financial survival. “The defendant admitted that he had no money for a second encounter, and he tried to negotiate an additional free 15 minutes,” said Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Spokeswoman Tandra Simonton. Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer also pled guilty to money laundering charges, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Thursday. “The arrest of Joseph Hazley today should send a strong and clear message to all of the individuals who knowingly encourage and make money off the disgusting activity of sex trafficking minors that we will not stand back and allow this behavior to continue,” said Gina Arquilla DeBoni, Managing Attorney, Romanucci & Blandin, LLC. “Today’s arrest marks a new chapter in our mission to serve justice for Desiree,” said Yvonne Ambrose, mother of Desiree Robinson. Simonton said an autopsy showed Desiree Robinson was strangled, cut and beaten.

Desiree Robinson’s mother, Yvonne Ambrose spoke about her daughter being victimized. “Our family continues to struggle daily with the loss of Desiree, a loving daughter and friend who became victimized by people, a business and a system with no regard for young lives. Ideal for men who truly enjoy the sensations of oral sex, the AAI has revolutionized the way we think about blowjobs. Not only am I rapping about sex, I’m rapping about you making me feel good. By its count, Backpage hosted about 60 per cent of all the online adult ads in Canada, making it the largest provider in the country. I would cook for weeks, setting a beautiful table and making sure everything was perfect. I was 12 when it all started happening, which is the time you really need a mum – getting your period, wanting to know what sex is about. But Ferrer, citing the First Amendment, has largely refused to comply with the subpoena-which essentially demands to know everything about the company’s business model and profits, including how it screens ads. He has refused to identify his First Amendment interests except in sweeping generalities and failed even to attempt to show that any such interests outweigh important governmental interests served by the Subcommittee’s investigation.

It is important for the Subcommittee’s investigation of Internet sex trafficking to understand what methods the leading online marketplace for sex advertisements employs to screen out illegal sex trafficking on its website. In 2015, the US Constitution helped Backpage dodge a lawsuit from victims of sex trafficking. The Subcommittee is investigating the serious problem of human trafficking on the Internet-much of which takes place on Backpage’s website-and has subpoenaed Mr. Ferrer for documents relating to Backpage’s screening for illegal trafficking. Thirteen months ago, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which is examining sex trafficking on the Internet, subpoenaed (PDF) Carl Ferrer, Backpage’s chief executive officer. The complaint charges him with one count of sex trafficking. The complaint states that Hazley drove the girl to several meetings in the Chicago area, including an encounter in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve in a garage in south suburban Markham. Hazley was arrested Wednesday morning.

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