5 Essential Seo Techniques

You need to find the best keywords within your niche. (Your niche is the field in which you represent yourself as an expert to your audience. ) These keywords will enable you to dominate your targeted market.

For search engine optimization keywords needs to be kept to a density of 2%-4%. You also need to make sure your content has more than just a single idea.

Next, get a few friends or co-workers with web sites of their own to post a link to your site using that exact phrase (without the quotation marks) as the anchor text. What’s anchor text, you ask? It’s simply the word or words that form the clickable part of a link.

No H1 or H2 tags. Some web designers opt to use images for their website’s headers and titles. Using images for titles and headers do look pretty, but they make the search bot’s job more difficult in establishing the content hierarchy of a particular page. So, instead of using images, try using H1 and H2 tags and optimize them with your chosen keywords.

Acquire links back to your site that do not have the ‘nofollow’ attribute. Any link with this attribute indicates to the search engine robots which spider these sites that the landing page may not be approved by the web site listing this link. The link will not contribute to the link popularity or the search engine ranking of your site. The link is not completely worthless. You can still manage traffic through this link.

search engine news I write ‘pages’ deliberately, because Google and the other main search engines list web pages, and not entire domains. That means that every single page in your website should be optimized in the same way: each should contain every single one of the SEO techniques listed below.

The first step is to analyze the site. This is the least fun step, as the optimizer must look at the meta-tags (the code that describe the site to search engine) and compare them to the text on the site, as well as other tags found on the site. By comparing these tags, the optimizer can get a feel for the site, as well as any issues when it comes time to actually optimize the site.

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