5 Easy Seo Rules That Work Every Time

The whole purpose of a robots.txt file is to tell a search engine spider not to crawl the site or part of the site on which the robots.txt file resides.

search engine news Heading tags (H1, H2, . . .) are used by Google to determine the importance of the text contained in your headings. Use H1 tags for the main title of your page (you also use it in the TITLE tag, but that isn’t seen by readers, only by the spiders). Put subtitles in H2 tags. You can change the font size of the text within these tags.

To clarify with an example. Let’s say you sell golf clubs. You could optimize for the word “Golf”, but you would be getting visitors who were looking for golf-swing videos, golf shoes and golf balls. You could optimize for the keyword “golf clubs”, and your focus would be more narrow. This means less searches, but better targeting. It might only yield a hand full of people per day, but each one would be looking for exactly what you are offering, and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

You simply needed the facts of getting your car going safely and smoothly down the road to your destination. Otherwise you will never get out of the driveway or be too overwhelmed and never learn to drive…never achieving your desired results.

Different kinds of search engine ranking software focus on different things and you have to be clever while selecting one for yourself. There are many SEO tools available that will give the least importance to factors like social bookmarking, link building, and spinning articles.

Img ALT Tag: Search engines cannot read images. However, they can comprehend the ALT tag of a particular image. Therefore, optimize the image by inserting a relevant ALT tag attribute to it.

2) What does it plan to do for you? A decent search engine optimization company should be able to analyze your site and develop at least a general plan in order to raise your rating. Also, they should be doing things to increase your hits. Be advised that some of the tips may require action from you; you may not need to do everything that they suggest, but at least debate it.

Google uses Page rank concept to rank the websites. Hence, you should have quality links that are referring to your website. This can be done by getting loads and loads of reciprocal links. You should do a lot of research to find the companies which will be interested in participating in the reciprocal link programs of yours. Even though, this consumes a lot of time, as a web master you should do it to improve search engine ranking.

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